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StreetTalker Communication platforms monitor suits.


In today's market one need to be focused and effective in one's social media campaigns, to accomplish this one have to have an "always-on" presence to one's users.
We created StreetTalker to aid you in managing your groups more effectively with less human/"moderator" involvement.


StreetTalker is an instant messaging communication management platform designed to create effective group communication in a structured way.


We created a platform where:

  • User management and vetting/storing of users info in a centralized database
  • Intergroup communication can be controlled
  • Messages are scanned and forwarded based on fixed rules to "reaction groups"
  • Multi platform-based system design having the same user interface for the different platforms
  • Global notification campaign system to monitor all groups and a control room interface to monitor events
  • Global artificial intelligence neuron network scanning and classification system to notification campaign events
  • Speech to text, image to text (OCR) and translator plugins for message processing.

System plugins/capabilities

Getting started